What will it take? Ass or Boobs?

These days it feels like unless you have your ass, boobs, abs or torso out when talking about serious issues then no one will take notice of what you’re saying because apparently we live in a superficial world or as I call it living with visual dickheads.
But we are all on some level aroused by vision before substance just because it’s the way we are built but it doesn’t mean we have to be shallow about it all.

Right so someone I know who has put a lot of effort into making a video about animal cruelty got very annoyed that after putting in so much effort into making the video, none of the Facebook friends paid any attention and she stated that she is sure if she had her body out and slapped on a heap of makeup then perhaps people would pay her efforts more attention.
The sad truth is I am sure that she is right on some level but just like her I am sad that in order to effectively share your craft to the masses in this social media world you’re made to feel like unless you’re really selling it with a side of sex appeal then no one will listen.

But I also have to disagree with that train of thought and point out that there are many men and women who are doing great things in this world without having to use sex appeal to succeed. Now I am not saying don’t do it but that if you don’t wish to then don’t feel you have to.

You can be heard and seen by the masses if you allow your inner light to shine. By doing so you will actually attract the very people who will understand what you’re trying to achieve and who are more likely to suport it.
Let’s be honest you cannot sell a diamond in a coal market which is what you’ll be trying to do by wanting the masses who are superficial to partake on your endeavours, they don’t care!
Not because they don’t have a heart or wish to care but because they are lost within their pain and their ego is running the show.

The ego’s only purpose in life is to be fed by praise, likes and whatever else it needs to feel inflated. Now let me be clear I am by no means bashing superficial people but instead I am saying it’s just the way it is and until they wake up in their own time they have the right to make themselves happy in whatever means available to them. (I will touch on this another time).

So if you are trying to push a serious and worldly topic on people who are self absorbed it’s not going to happen and by feeling the need to sell it to them by packaging it with some sex appeal isn’t really going to help your cause.
Your body will be admired and you’ll get many likes for the wrong reasons.

Therefore you do not have to compromise your  moral code in order to sell your message to the wrong crowd. It defeats the purpose and you’ll be wasting your time.
Instead tune in with your authentic self and do whatever it is that you wish to do for yourself more than anyone else and you’ll find the right audience.

Before you know it you’ll be selling your diamonds in a diamond market where it’ll be appreciated. This analogy applies to all aspects of life. #KnowYourAudience 

Much love Sarah Martin xoxo 



I have been on @Instagram since 2013 and it has been an instrumental part of me discovering who I am and helping me find myself.

I have used it to express myself in various ways and connect with so many amazing people. Some of the most amazing people in my life are there because of instragm.

I have never had an issue with this app and spent some time putting together a set of hastags related to my business SHE Republic which I also use on my personal account.

These hashtags helped me get more likes and new followers and ensured that my posts are seen and visible to new followers I would not have gotten otherwise.

Apparently though Instagram was not happy about me using the same hastags over and over again on each post and has subsequently cast a #shadowban over my account. Meaning that hastags no longer work on my account. I am not even sure how bad the effects are in terms of people seeing my posts as they did before.

I have had a look at my older posts prior to the shadow ban to see how many likes I got from people following me and honestly I think out of 3411 followers only on average 7 to 25 of my followers like my posts. This is a little shocking to see.
Now I am not saying I live for likes but it’s one those wow moments.
Because of the hastags and likes from non followers I could not see the difference but now I do!

The #shadowban although unsettling at first is actually the best thing that could happen to me on Instagram and it falls in line with me stripping away anything and everything that doesn’t serve me, that isn’t authentic, that isn’t grounding or real in my life.
I can see clearly now the hashtags have gone so to speak hahaha.

What I have also found is that posting content with no hashtags actually makes you less lazy and focus more on your content and caption. It makes you engage more with your followers and appreciate the likes you do get because they are genuine!!!!!

Anyway if you don’t already know this about me you’ll soon discover that I am queen of looking for the upside and the silver lining in everything that may appear to be deemed as “bad”. So even though Instagram seems a little foreign to me right now I am fully loving and appreciating the #shadowban.

Who would have thought it 🙂

Much love Sarah xoxo 

That Guy!

This is scary to write about because it’s so real and astonishing!!

So I was in an 18 year relationship which ended 2 and half years ago. Since then I’ve kept myself to myself and even though I did a little dating I’ve not wanted to commit myself to anything serious and because I haven’t met that guy yet. I have a few things to sort out before we meet as I do not feel I am currently the best representative for Sarah Martin (that is for another day lol).

Due to being in a public eye I meet a lot of different guys all the time and I could in theory be dating right now if I wanted to. The guys I am meeting now are the ones I used to wish I could meet a while back but it seems I have grown past those wants and now they are no longer right.

Why? Because I need more than a pretty face or a witty personality.
Because he needs to be so self aware and in tune with his higher self. I dont need to date his ego or personality.
Because people who allow thier souls to drive the body are rare.

Most people are so lost in their pain, past and personalities they have created for themselves that you never really get to date or see the real them. This limits my choices drastically.

The kind of man I am looking for is going to be something else and sometimes I get so excited thinking about it BUT the idea of settling down with a man and having to compromise my needs scares me.

The thought of not being able to do what I want to do when I want to do it makes me feel like I can’t breathe lol.

How often do you get into a relationship and find yourself bending to the will of anothet human being just to keep peace and have a nice relationship. Yes it’s good to give and take but not when it leaves you feeling like a bit of you died due to having to do things you really don’t want to do. Think about it……

If I don’t want to compromise my needs and wants, because frankly I don’t want to dislike this person for making me do anything I don’t want to then that limits my chocies even more…. This leads me to wonder if I will ever be ready for that guy.

It makes me wonder what it’ll therefore take for me to say yes. What he will have to be like, how he would have to win my trust, whether he will be able to see through my walls and how he would handle me in order to give me my freedom but yet make it so that I feel grounded and safe. It’s going to take one hell of a man!

The thing is deep down I do want to submit to my King on a basis of mutual respect and want to make him smile, make him happy just because and make him feel like that King but for me to be able to do that I would have to know that he sees through me body and to my soul, that he is as present as I am and that I can trust him 100%.

I’ve just really realised that my dating pool is very very small where I am right now and I need to manifest conscious, self aware and open men around me otherwise Sarah may be single till the day SHE leaves this world and that would be a little sad! Lol

The moral of the post is understand why you want a relationship, who you are and what you want. Until you find it never settle because you’ll learn about yourself and life but ultimately be very unhappy.

Much love Sarah Martin xoxo

Drink Anyone?


If you are on a self awareness path and are mastering the art of owning who you are, becoming one with every part of your being while allowing your higher self to take charge, you’ll find that you get to a point where you have a lot more clarity and focus.

You may not even be aware of how much clearer you are in your thoughts or how there isn’t much confusion or unecessary noise.

Lately I have been spending a lot of time with myself and it’s been wonderful for my business, my health and personal life. I haven’t gone out out for some time now. I have also been celibate emotionally and physically just because it feels right.

I am enjoying this new found connection to myself, it’s as beautiful, deep, sweet, sharp and as gripping as a symphony.

As a result of paying close attention to myself it was such a surprise to find my mind being idiotic this morning after half a bottle of prosseco on Friday and 4 small bottles of beer on Saturday night.

I was missing an ex to the point I spent hours going through his posts on social media, reminiscing, wanting to make contact etc. etc.

My mind was all over the place and very chaotic. I didn’t feel grounded and have that calm sense in my body. Lucky for me I realised something wasn’t right and made sure no ex was contacted lol.

It got me thinking and I wondered why it felt like I’d gone backwards and the it hit me! Alcohol, it was the alcohol.

Last time I had a few drinks I did the same thing with the ex antics and I hated it. It was just to unessesry and not like me at all.

Had I not been mindful I would have missed this moment of realisation.

I love that I know this and am so in tune with myself to work it out so easily.

So if you are on a similar journey to myself, note that alcohol isn’t your friend and if you choose to use it, know that it will reduce your consciousness level and you’ll act like a fool. So don’t be surprised or shocked 🙂

For me I am going to give up the drinking of alcohol for the next 3 months and see what difference it makes to my life.

I will write an update in due course.

Much love

Sarah xoxo

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