Defining Moments of rebirth!! 

I believe that each defining moment in your life is a form of rebirth and another chance of becoming more  compassionate, loving and kind. Every time you choose to ignore the lessons being taught in each defining moment of your life you will keep experiencing those moments until you allow life to push you through her vagina for your rebirth.

When we are going though very bad times and feel like the world is so mean to us and we can’t find the happiness we need don’t hold on to the walls of her birth canal, instead allow it all and let yourself be pushed through to the other side.

It’s very painful I am not going to lie but if you think about it, what other good choice do you have?
Either stay and suffer because you think you can control the outcome or how you don’t feel or feel everything, have some compassion for yourself and let go.

Having compassion for yourself isn’t something we are thought and we are hardest on ourselves than anyone else. But whatever it is that is going on on your life to make you feel bad, respect the feelings. Don’t run away from them because they are too painful, connect your mind body and soul to the feelings and let your body be the outlet for the feelings by allowing whatever it wants to do to happen.

For example I recently received from awful news before embarking on an hour and half long journey on the motorway. For the first 30 minutes I was in purposeful denial and trying my best to fight feeling sad or anything.
But I realised this was stupid and I wailed and cried so hard for the next hour while driving at 60 miles per hour. I allowed my pain to be expressed rather than hold it in as usual.
Do you know how amazing it feels to cry for yourself and give yourself that kind of compassion you wish you could get from someone else.

It’s amazing and learning to cry for your is the best gift you can give yourself.
Much love

Sarah Martin xoxo 


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