Money or your life 

I’ve always had a relationship with money thay doesn’t fit into what society would expect from me. I respect what money can do  but I don’t identify with it in a way that most people do. I struggle to charge people anything and prefer if I didn’t have to talk about money at all. I love to do things for people because it makes me happy and because whatever it is I am doing makes me feel alive and part of this world. When I have to think of charging it puts a dampner on things for me. It’s something I am working through right now.

I used to fear not having money and I guess I did have a volatile relationship with it growing up, but I had no choice is how that panned out. It’s been a long time since I’ve feared not having money and I am more relaxed about it.

I don’t identify who I am with money. Whether I have lots or none, and I have experienced both on extreme levels.
I feel like if you don’t live your true purpose then money means nothing and the phrase more money more problems becomes the norm. 

So here I am living my purpose as best as I can and I have to think about the money side and I don’t want to. I really dont. I just want to do what I love and let money just come. That’s my ideal scenario. It almost feels like i am built never to worry or think about money and perhaps I need to honour that instead of trying to become what I am not.

I did wonder whether I have a bad relationship with money hence why not wanting to deal with it and I have sat and thought long and hard about it, but I realised that some of the most amazing moments in my life had nothing to do with money and in fact money could not buy them. It’s made me realise that I don’t have a bad relationship with money rather I society has issues with it. If I decide to let money factor in too much in my purpose in life then it’ll kill my spirit and cloud my creativity, vision and purpose. 

I know that I will be abundantly wealthy and I will use all those billions to help create situations that allow people to have amazing experiences that they didn’t have to pay for. 

It’s all relative and making people happy is what makes me feel alive.

Much love Sarah Martin xoxo 


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