I have been running my own business for some time now and it’s a self empowerment clothing brand for women which aims to remind women of the power and magic they already posses in order to bring rise to a new type of woman.

The kind of woman who regardless of where or who she is, Beleives in herself and takes control of herself and her life, in her way!

SHE is a way of life and a mentality, I am selling an ideology more than anything.
I really want to see victimless women walking round this planet holding their heads up high and making bold changes in how women are viewed by themselves, each other and by men.

The name of the movement and brand is She Republic

So for the last 3 years I have been moulding and shaping my purpose with SHE and it hasn’t been easy at all. 

I want to build on what the previous generation of women did with feminism, get away from male bashing, stop self enabling and instead turn how a woman carries herself in this world on its head.

But it has been so so so hard and now that I am in a place where I am in control of my life and myself and I am so focused and ready to smash the hell out of my dreams but I am so stuck. It’s so funny!

I am stuck in terms of my marketing strategy and deciding the best way forward on my 3 year plan for SHE. I have so many ideas and that’s what’s been so hard…. choosing which will be best to lead the next phase and turn this dream that sits on the tip of my tongue into the world changing phenomena that I can feel it is.

I have never felt so stuck and yet so ready to work so hard to make it happen.

People often think the road to success is hard work but I believe that it’s knowing 100% without any doubt what you want.
I am stuck on choosing what I want and making sure I don’t waver on my plans until it is completed.

I recently updated my Facebook status with “What am I not brave enough to do” this is in relation to SHE because I feel I am not being bold enough to do something.
But what has been hard is not knowing the answer as to what I am supposed to be brave and bold about. It feels like a lost memory I am trying to remember.
So it’s not lack of passion, motivation or anything like that but rather I have not yet found the answer I am looking for.

Everyday it feels like I am staring at a huge stack of hay and I am looking for that needle.
It’s so hard!!! Maybe one of the hardest things I’ve had to face in my life!!! And I have been through some crazy shit!

I used to remember the days when I would stress this much about a man or a relationship and never in a million years did I think I could feel this way about my business. SHE has officially become my HE hahaha.

But it’s not negative and I know deep down that what I am to create in terms of strategy is so unique and life changing that I am just at the third trimester of my strategy and I will soon go into labour and give birth to a world changing, moral, fair and beautiful business strategy.

At the moment I spend each waking hour thinking, planning, building and when I need to I scrap it all and start again. Until it’s perfect I will not stop.

I also realise that it’s a process and I cannot rush it.
I can feel exactly what God or the universe is doing and this amnesia I have is for a reason because without it I will not discover this gem to pull the whole plan together.

It is so hard yet fascinating because each day I feel I am getting closer.

I am sharing this with you because I would love to read something like this about another brand owner and see that everything great and worthwhile takes time and has it’s incubation period and that nothing is perfect. I love to be real in a world full of fake crap and major pretenders. It’s just soul destroying to fake anything because you’ll never learn anything and you’ll waste time.

Anyway as much as I feel like screaming every day I am enjoying the process and I can see myself making progress and anytime soon that baby will come out and when it does, I will be on fire!!!!

Much love Sarah Martin xoxo 


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